Problem & Solution

The problem that Needs a Solution

Historically, developers have adopted a belief that a cutting-edge innovation will attract users even without involving marketers. As a result, most developers often focus on building products to perfection at the expense of marketing. However, the reality is that users don’t adopt products they are not aware of, no matter how useful it is to improve their lives. The chain of product development and marketing has expanded over the years, with user acquisition gaining massive interest from people within the star-tup ecosystem. The rising demand for users has exponentially raised the cost of acquiring users over the years, with many early-stage participants even becoming savvier about determining the traction a product has or has not gathered in the market. Even though publishers have been struggling with decreasing ad revenues resulting from ad blocks and shrinking CPM RATES, the two factors present to them a great opportunity. That is, publishers are now able to substantially drive user traffic to relevant products through performance-based affiliate programs. Despite the popularity of affiliate marketing’s proven success in finance, gambling, and online shopping platforms, the current model has been found to have multiple inbuilt inefficiencies. This is particularly true for the many crypto affiliate programs that have emerged in the recent past, such as Zloadr Affiliate programs, Ethereum Affiliate Programs, Bitcoin Affiliate Programs, Binance Affiliate Programs, and Avalanche Affiliate Programs among others. The first problem is the delays in payments to affiliates due to the practice of monthly payment cycles, which consequently affect their cash flows for low margin/high volume operators. The second problem is the rise in fraud cases where affiliates are scammed by rogue brands rescinding commissions. Lastly, there are operational issues such as chargebacks causing disputes between brands and affiliates.
But affiliate programs such as Zloadr Affiliate Programs have attempted to solve some of these problems by providing users with some of the highest affiliate rewards in terms of bonuses.