Milestones & Metrics


In this section, we highlight the roadmap that we have established and believe will be attainable. The founding team has many years of experience in this field, which assure its ability to deliver on plan and within the indicated budget.

KPIs & Success Measurement

Sales KPIs will be segmented into two general categories, business development, and value enhancement which focuses on maximising the revenue from existing users.

Business Development

  • Number of qualified leads generated (Lead conversion ratio)
  • Outbound sales activity volume
  • Month-on-month growth rate
  • Deals closed/Wins
  • Opportunity win rate/Conversion rate
  • Estimated pipeline value

Value Enhancement

  • Month-on-month user retention
  • Percentage of new clients per month/annum
  • Percentage of retained clients per month/annum
  • Revenue growth per user
  • Average transaction value