How does AffiliateMarketRank Work?

Our Solution

“Our mission is to build a trustless affiliate platform with a high-performance parameter to bring distributed apps to the mainstream”
AffiliateMarketRank, with its Zloadr affiliate program, aims to disrupt the affiliate marketing space by eliminating the issues affecting the traditional affiliate marketing platforms by leveraging the following benefits of the Ethereum blockchain:
  • Deploy smart contracts to govern the satisfaction of conversion events eliminating disputes on conversion triggers
  • Make use of the blockchain immutability feature: All revenue & conversion data to be made available for all parties on the blockchain, creating an immutable audit trail that allows brands to audit and hold affiliates accountable for fraudulent behaviour
  • Payments of the commission will be issued automatically & instantly. This is intended to eliminate payment defaults and cash flow issues affecting the current affiliate marketers.
AffiliateMarketRank is focused on building a seamless platform that will bring DApp and blockchain-based products to the mainstream. We all know the impact Ethereum-based DApps have brought to the tech space, and we believe in our ability to facilitate exponential growth in these projects. We project that the coming years will see an explosion of demand for users in the space who wants to make money online, such as earn free bitcoins online. AffiliateMarketRank is positioned to be the link between these projects and partners that can deliver the users and govern commercial relationships between these stakeholders.

Core Objectives

  • To revolutionize tech marketing by building the world’s most transparent & trustless performance marketing tool
Our focus is to be transparent and efficient, which are key ingredients in ensuring brands and publishers focus on maximising growth while avoiding the traditional malpractices in the industry, thus strengthening the blockchain-based economy.
  • Create the ubiquitous blockchain affiliate marketing platform
AffiliateMarketRank will connect affiliates with brands that are relevant to most audiences, which will allow them to provide real value to their wide range of users. The strategy is to provide complete end-to-end coverage for brands and affiliates to collaborate and build a longstanding, mutually profitable relationship with each other.
  • Become the top-most blockchain-based platform for performance marketing
AffiliateMarketRank will take advantage of the gaps in the market needs, and leverage its team’s unmatched experience in the affiliate market to build a product that provides solutions to the longstanding challenges that have affected the industry for ages. This will involve both the brand and affiliate sides of the matrix.