Financial Plan

Main Sale


AffiliateMarketRank aims to raise €20M denominated in ETH via an initial coin offering. Funds will be apportioned in the below approximate ratio. The target funding amount is €25M with a hard cap of €40M. Additional funds will be used to hire more developers to expedite the platform development. We also intend to use the additional funds to do the following on the platform:
  • Create an inbuilt RTB display ad platform (similar to Google’s AdSense) that will allow users to buy ad space on each other’s sites without a middleman taking the lion’s share of the revenue.
  • Build super affiliate/MLM management functionality
  • Create leader boards & competition modules for merchants to incentivize affiliates to promote their brand.
  • Develop a commission splitting mechanism to allow affiliates to collaborate (e.g., Affiliate A creates great content, yet is not too adept at generating traffic, whilst Affiliate B is a great SEO & C has a significant social following. Affiliate A will be able to approach B & C to offer them a percentage of the commissions raised if they distribute his. This will be done in a trustless manner via the platform’s smart contract.
  • Develop a market where freelancers will be able to pick up copywriting, translation, design, and video creation gigs in exchange for a share of commissions generated by that content.

Main Sale

During the private pre sale and private sale, users will be able to send ETH to a launch address, thereby committing to buying ZDR tokens at the current price at the time the transaction is received (and as indicated on the AffiliateMarketRank site).
A total of 50 million ZDR tokens will be created. The auction will be governed by a smart contract whose code will be open for public review.
  • 2% of all tokens to be sold during the pre-ICO
  • 42% of all tokens to be sold during the ICO
  • 30% of all tokens to be reserved for market-making purposes for one year
  • 20% of all tokens to be retained by the founders & employees
  • 5% of all tokens to be retained by advisors
  • 1% of all tokens to be reserved for seed contributors

Private Pre-Sale

AffiliateMarketRank will also run a 15-day presale round caped at 4300 ETH starting at 00:00 GMT on the 2nd October 2022 and ending at 00:00 on the 17th October 2022. Pre-sale contributions will be awarded a 10% bonus on ZDR granting 20 ZDR per ETH donated. All presale tokens will be locked for 90 days after the ICO has been finalised to safeguard participants' token value.

Private Sale

The private sale will start at 00:00 GMT on the 18th of July 2022 and end on the 17th of December 2022. A daily price inflation rate of 1.67%, will be triggered on the 18th of November taking the token price from 100 to 50 ZDR/ETH after 30 days or until the hard cap is hit.
AffiliateMarketRank aims to level the playing field and allow as broad a participation as possible. Holding ZDR carries no rights other than the right to exchange and claim over the platform or via exchanges. AffiliateMarketRank does not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights, or intellectual property rights.

Escrow of Funds

Care has been taken to ensure all funds raised are safe and secure. To ensure this is achieved, all funds raised during the ICO will be held in 2 out of 3 multi-sig wallets that will include licensed fiduciary agents as two of the signatories. All funds raised in the presale will be made available immediately to promote the ICO. ICO funds will be released in three-month tranches to cover expenses, with the flexibility to adjust amounts in response to current market conditions.

Market Making

AffiliateMarketRank must be safe for all our investors, and this can only be achieved if the value of the ZDR is protected. During the lock-up period, the company will utilise its reserves to protect the ZDR’s market value to the best of its abilities, giving users the most commission with a protective bottom targeted at ~20% off a compounded 5% week-on-week appreciation rate. The company will also protect prices from any potential artificial 'pumps' by building stabilising prices. This will ensure any malicious actor is barred from executing their trades. In other words, you can successfully trade on AffiliateMarketRank without fear of being scammed by anyone.