Executive Summary


The growth of the Ethereum DApp ecosystem is revolutionising businesses around the world as more B2C types of applications are rapidly emerging from the blockchain ecosystem. Many users of these emerging platforms are discovering more ways to make money from cryptocurrencies, with some of the best affiliate programs offering great reliability in the payment of commissions and rewards. Through these platforms, you can become a bitcoin vendor and give bitcoin referrals.
While Zloadr Affiliate Program has managed to solve a few problems within its capacity with its staking affiliate services, there are still bottlenecks affecting companies intending to scale, especially in the line of user acquisition. To establish DApps in the mainstream, there is the need to speed up adoption through user acquisition. This is because the rising number of DApp affiliate programs require users to make meaning out of the developments. AffiliateMarketRank aims at connecting DApps developers with marketers and publishers that are best suited to help rapidly increase the user base of the DApps. The goal is to grow the DApps by making it easy for the developers to connect with marketers and publishers in a trustless manner. AffiliateMarketRank will provide an instant payment structure secured through Ethereum’s smart contracts. The platform focuses on creating a win-win kind of arrangement and will help eliminate any possibility of fraud, which traditional platforms have failed to do away with, by leveraging Blockchain’s immutability feature.