Marketing & Sales

Marketing and Promotional Plan

AffiliateMarketRank aims to leverage the marketing knowledge and experience of its founding team to deploy an integrated, multi-faceted acquisition campaign. This will be split between online and offline activities at an 80-20 ratio. The detailed apportionment will be as follows:
Online Marketing 80%
  • SEO 20%
  • PPC 16%
  • Display & retargeting 12%
  • Inbound/content 8%
  • Social Media & community creation 12%
  • Email/ automated CRM 8%
  • Branded online tools 4%
Offline Marketing 20%
  • Conferences & expos 16%
  • Event sponsorship 4%
Medium to long-term vision
The marketing strategy will be based on two approaches: first affiliates and merchants will be targeted by communications and second, value propositions will be used to target their specific pain points, and will be structured around the following value propositions:
  • Fraud less
  • Transparent Tracking
  • Self-Enforcing
  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • Universal application
  • Nexus between merchants & publishers
  • Monetisation of audiences
The objective is to give affiliates a more prominent role in our growth strategy. Building a strong directory of affiliates segmented by niche would present a strong incentive for brands to adopt the AffiliateMarketRank platform in itself. Our proposition will be communicated via outreach specialists who target and onboard larger sites and the top 10% of influencers, as well as an inbound marketing strategy based on content creation and propagation by the exact users that we will be recruiting. This will allow AffiliateMarketRank to grow exponentially using its own platform, which in effect is its own proof of concept.
We will also be targeting brands with a value proposition that emphasises fraud prevention, speed, transparency as well as access to the directory of on-boarded affiliates. Our primary communication channels are inbound content-based marketing, as well as response-based channels such as SEO and PPC. This inbound communication strategy will provide a pipeline of leads for the sales team to close, in addition to attending conferences and exhibitions and other lead creation activities.